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TENS Laser Therapy 2000 VIS - Point Black Sale!

TENS Laser Therapy 2000 VIS - Point Black

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TENS Laser Therapy 2000 VIS

LASER TENS 2000 (VIS) Features:

  • LASER TENS 2000 (VIS) LS0510 is a 25mW, visible red Laser that utilizes the 650 nm wavelength with penetration depths of 15mm. It is suitable for personal use and registered as a Veterinary Laser/TENS device.
  • TENS delivers Low frequency of 45hz with an Amplitude of 150V.
  • Ultra portable pen like device uses 2 - standard AAA batteries or 3 - N cells Battery with a working life of 4 hrs continuous.
  • One of the most compact, high performance visible laser / TENS therapy units available.
  • This veterinary registered unit is suitable for use by physiotherapists, veterinarians, chiropractors, doctors and acupuncturists to treat a wide range of ailments.
  • Treatment times are relatively short compared to conventional laser and TENS therapy alone. This is due to the higher laser power density and the simultaneous application of the two technologies.
  • Use of LaserTENS may be reimbursable with Standard CPT Codes for Laser Treatment:
  • --Manual electrical stimulation: 97032
  • --Neuro-muscular re-education: 97112
  • The unit utilizes a single 650nm, 25mW laser diode which produces a power density of 250mW/ cm2 with penetration depths of up to 15mm. The laser TENS 2000 (Vis) is a Class 2 Laser product. With a weight of only 85 grams (including batteries) the unit can be conveniently carried in a coat or jacket pocket. All Laserex laser therapy units are supplied with batteries and include a 12 month warranty.
  • The LaserPen output utilizes precision optics for high illumination, which enables exact, pointed irradiation, which is good for auricular medicine, joints, pain, acupoints and pressure points.
  • The LaserPen is highly portable and offers an array of comprehensive functions. It is the ideal laser to be used in sports medicine, physical therapy, auricular therapy and much more.

Laser Specification:
Wavelength 650nm
Power 25mW Power
Power density 250mW/cm2
Laser Class Class 2

TENS Specification:
Amplitude 150V
Pulse width 3 - 8 usec adjustable
Frequency 22msec
Pulse Repetition Rate 45Hz

Battery Type 3 - 1.5 Volt N Cells or 2 - Standard AAA batteries
Battery Life 4 hours continuous use



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