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ArmaSport Exercise Mat - Body-15 - 24 x 56 x 0.6 in, Red Sale!

ArmaSport Exercise Mat - Body-15 - 24 x 56 x 0.6 in, Red

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ArmaSport mats are high quality closed cell foam exercise mats that are tough enough for clinic, school and fitness center. Mats are extra thick yet have a soft cushion feel. Closed-cell rubberized latex-free foam provides excellent elasticity, energy absorption and resistance. Sanitized treatment provides protection against bacterial and fungal attack, without the use of triclosan. Sanitized coating also protects against microbial attack and unpleasant odor. Resists sweat and saliva. Closed-cell structure of ArmaSport mats does not absorb moisture. Mat can be used in water for hydrotherapy. Mats are ribbed for traction during use and ventilation when stored. Mats are tear proof, scratch resistant and do not take a compression set . Fit-15, Body-15, Star-15, and Top-15 style mats have two grommets so that mats can be conveniently hung for storage.



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