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Digital EMS 1311 - EMS Sale!

Digital EMS 1311 - EMS


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Muscle Stimulator EMS Stimulator - Digital

This neuromuscular stimulator is characterized by a low volt stimulation targeted to stimulate motor nerves to cause a muscle contraction. EMS electro muscle stimulator differs from TENS in that it is designed to stimulate muscle motor nerves, while TENS is designed to stimulate sensory nerve endings to help decrease pain. A dual-channel device for muscle exercise and treatment of physical injury. Includes a patient compliance timer and treatment timer, as well as adjustable pulse width. A prescription from your physician or physical therapist is required for this device.

Indications: Muscle soreness, Muscle stiffness, Arthritis, Body pain, Post-op pain, Post-traumatic acute pain and Chronic pain.

Package Includes:

* Dual channel, Three mode, EMS UNIT
* Pair of lead wires
* 1 package of high quality 2" round electrodes (4 per pack)
* 2 packages of high quality 3" round Electrodes (4 per pack)
* 1 9v battery
* Carrying case
* Users manual
* Belt clip
* 5 year warranty against mechanical defects.

Product Specifications:

  • Channels: Duel isolated between channels.
  • Intensity: (Amplitude): Adjustable 0-(80+or-10) mA peak into 500 ohm load each channel.
  • Pulse Rate: (Frequency): (Adjustable) (2+or-1) Hz~ (120+or-20%)Hz.
  • Pulse Width: (Duration): (250+or-10%) microseconds fixed each pulse.
  • On Ramp: The time required to reach the pulse width value (250+or-10%)us and amplitude setup value can be selected to be 1-8 seconds for Channel 1. The ramp can't be selected on Channel 2 when Alternation function is used.
  • Cycle On Time: Adjustable (1+or-0.5) ~ (30+or-20%)seconds.
  • Cycle Off Time: Adjustable (1+or-0.5) ~ (45+or-20%)seconds.
  • Mode: (Three modes) Synchronous (S), Constant (C) and Alternation (A).
  • Battery: One 9 volts battery (alkaline).
  • Size: 24.5x60.5x98.5mm.




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