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Dual Stim - TENS/EMS 4-channels Sale!

Dual Stim - TENS/EMS 4-channels


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TENS and EMS Dual Stim Plus is a digital electrotherapy unit that offers the user the choice of 3 modes of TENS and 3 modes of EMS. The Tens and Ems Dual Stim Plus is great for prescription to patients as well as a unit that the healthcare practitioner can use in the office or for mobile therapy.EMS - Electronic Muscle Stimulators reproduce EXACTLY the same physiological effects on the motor nerve as those produced by the brain, causing the muscle to contract. EMS - Electronic Muscle Stimulators boasts high quality, power and precision, resulting in an intensive muscle workout mental or cardiac fatigue and causing minimal stress on joints and tendons.TENS - Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation unit treats many kinds of pain. It can help lessen acute (short-term) pain, like after surgery or an accident. Chronic pain (long-term), like arthritis, back or muscle pain, or cancer pain may also be lessened with TENS. Some people have trouble taking pain medicine. TENS is a safe, drug-free way to help control pain for these people as well. TENS stimulator uses low frequencies to provide electrical stimulation to sensory nerves to block pain signals and increase the release of endorphins in the body. TENS is used to provide symptomatic relief and management of chronic and acute pain, but the lower frequencies allow the patient to benefit from longer sustained periods of stimulation to control the pain throughout the day.This Digital electrotherapy device is used to get relief of muscle spasm, to increase range of motions, increase local blood circulation. This electric muscle stimulator works by applying a chosen intensity and frequency repeatedly in stimulated contraction and relaxation intervals. Indications : Sciatica, Post operative pain, Muscular pain, Sports injuries, Rheumatoid and Osteo-arthritis

Product Specifications:

  • 3 TENS Modes: Synchronous, Constant, Alternate.
  • 3 EMS Modes: Synchronous, Constant, Alternate
  • Pulse Width: 50 ~ 250µS, (10µS / step).
  • Pulse Rate: 20 ~ 120Hz.
  • On Ramp: Adjustable 1~9 seconds
  • Cycle ON Time: Adjustable 1~30 seconds.
  • Cycle OFF Time: Adjustable 1~30 seconds.
  • Wave Form: Symmetrical Bi-phasic square pulse.
  • 2 Timers: CH1&CH2: 1 ~ 60min. (1min. / step), CH3&CH4: 1 ~ 60min (1min. / step)
  • Adjustable intensity levels: 40 Volts peak to peak 500 ohms load
  • Output current: 80 mA
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty System Includes: Stimulator, 4 Clinical Lead Wires, 12 Self-Stick
  • Hypoallergenic Disposable Electrodes (each electrode lasts 10-15 treatments), 9V Battery and 9V
  • AC Adaptor, Soft Carrying Case with waist belt, Instruction Booklet.




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