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Ultima 3t TENS - Tri-mode w/ Timer Sale!

Ultima 3t TENS - Tri-mode w/ Timer


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Ultima 3T TENS (tri-mode w/ timer)

The Ultima 3T TENS is a dual Channel device with three modes of operation (B, N, and M). Its pulse width and pulse frequency are adjustable. It is also equipped with a 30, 60, 90 minute timer, and has a protective cover over the controls. Tens Units Nerve Stimulator With Three Modes And Timer is durable, ergonomic, has always, a potent defense against pain, and is the same as the nerve stimulator 3 except it has a timer for monitoring the duration of your therapy, and Tens Units 3t has no low-battery indicator. Tens neuromuscular stimulator can relieve pain and discomfort. This nerve stimulator comes ready-to-use with 12 reusable electrodes. Nerve stimulator is a device used to treat chronic pain, and pain associated with active or post- traumatic injury unresponsive to other standard pain therapies.

The electrical nerve stimulation device is applied to the surface of the skin at the site of the pain. Just remove the sleek black neuromuscular stimulator unit from its professional case, insert the battery, apply the electrodes, and plug in the lead wires. Turn on the muscular stimulator unit which has 3 modes (Burst, Normal, Modulation), to adjust the pulse width (how strong the current is) and the frequency (how many times the current is delivered over time) and you can enjoy a pain free day while you take it anywhere you go! TENS neuromuscular therapy stimulates sensory nerves to block pain signals, stimulate endorphin production to help normalize sympathetic function and has a biphasic, low volt current. This type of stimulation is characterized by biphasic, low volt, current and selectable parameters such as pulse rate and pulse width. A prescription from your physician or physical therapist is required for this device.

The handheld device comes ready-to-use with 12 FREE Electrodes (each disposable electrode lasts 10-15 treatments), 5 year limited warranty against mechanical defects, Industrial Strength 9V Battery, Pair of lead wires, carrying case, belt clip, and user manual. Nerve Stimulator Package includes: 1 pair of lead wires. 3 packs of electrodes (4/pack). Carrying case. Users manual. Belt clip. Warranty. Batteries.

Product Specifications:

  • Channels: Dual Channels, Isolated between channels
  • Wave Form: Asymmetric biphasic square pulse
  • Amplitude: 0 to 15mA each channel, adjustable (500 ohm load)
  • Pulse Width: Variable, 60-250 microseconds, adjustable
  • Frequency: 2 to 150 Hz, adjustable
  • Maximum Charge: 20 micro coulombs per pulse maximum, positive pulse and negative pulse separate
  • Timer: 30,60,constant


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