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Electrotherapy Device Leadwires


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Electrotherapy Device Leadwires

Electrotherapy Devices Lead Wires can last anywhere from 1-6 months depending on your device settings. At the end of the lead wire, there is a male component of a pin-wire connection (long thin cylinder .4 inches long) that is compatible with any electrode for sale. Periodic replacement of these wires is part of the upkeep of any electrotherapy device. Our standard lead wires are considered “universal” and fit the majority of the electrotherapy devices that you see on our site, but some devices are only compatible with specific devices that we sell. The “Industrial Strength TENS Ultima 11” requires the use of either totally round lead wire hook-ups, or one side is rounded and the other side is squared off. Please verify the shape of the lead wire connection that you need before placing your order.