LaserPrism Cordless



The Richmar LaserPrism (Cordless) is a non-invasive, low energy cold laser therapy device that emits photons, which are absorbed at the cellular level to promote biological changes, serving as a form of alternative medicine to accelerate healing and provide pain relief.

The photons are indicated "for the temporary increase in local blood circulation, temporary relief of minor muscle and joint aches, pains, and stiffness, and the relaxation of muscles; for muscle spasms, and minor pain and stiffness associated with arthritis."

Cold Laser Therapy, or Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), is widely used by doctors, dentists, physical therapists, and other trained medical practitioners around the world primarily for the purpose of tissue repair and healing, and to relieve pain and inflammation.

Not to be confused with surgical or aesthetic lasers, LLLT does not cause tissues to actually heat up, nor will it create any audible sound or vibration. It is sub-sensory, and thus painless to the patient.

The Richmar LaserPrism contains (3) 808nm near-infrared semiconductor laser diodes, each one emitting ~150mW in a continuous treatment mode. The diodes are gallium-aluminum-arsenide (GaAIAs).

Once activated, the device automatically delivers the selected treatment dosage of energy, goes into a 2-minute Standby mode, and then powers itself Off. The rechargeable battery is capable of delivering over 4 hours of treatment per charge.

The near-infrared light provides therapeutic heating, while the visible blue light serves two purposes: 1) as a guide-light to assist the directing of therapy on to the affected area of the body, and 2) to indicate that the accessory is on. Both wavelengths of light are activated simultaneously and can not be used separately.

Very lightweight and user-friendly, weighing just less than 4oz, without any accessories.

Key Product Features:
  • Cordless device for greater portability & convenience.
  • (3) 150mW laser GaAIAS diodes in laser probe with visible blue LED guide light.
  • 450mW of continuous power at frequency of 808nm.
  • Laser probe delivers 1 joule every 2.2 seconds at a continuous duty cycle.
  • (3) preset dosage options: 6, 8, and 10 joules.
  • Includes "Sleep Mode" for battery conservation.
  • NiMH rechargeable battery.
  • Safety Key for operation comes included.
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty On Device; 1 Year On Battery.
  • Each Package Includes:
    • 1x Richmar LaserPrism (Cordless)
    • 1x Safety Key
    • 1x Beam Attenuator Cap
    • 1x 9VDC Battery Charger (SKU: 500-040)
    • 2x Standard Laser Goggles (SKU: 600-207)
    • 1x Padded Carrying Case
    • 1x Operating Guide

  • The Richmar LaserPrism SHOULD NOT be used under the following conditions:
    • Where analgesia may mask progressive pathology, and where the practitioner would normally avoid the use of any other analgesia in order to retain the beneficial aspects of pain.
    • Where it might deliver direct irradiation to the human or animal eye.
  • AVOID using Richmar Laser Therapy devices:
    • Over areas injected with steroids in the past 72 hours.
    • Over any suspicious lesions (potential cancer).
    • Over a pregnant uterus.
    • Over the thyroid region of the neck.
    • Over areas with open wounds, unless covered with a clear protective barrier.

Technical Specifications:
  • Laser Diodes: GaAIAs
  • Laser Equipment Safety Classification: Class 3B IIIb
  • Regulatory Classification:
    • Class II Medical Device (US)
    • Class III Medical Device (Canada)
  • Nominal Laser Wavelength: 808 nm (near infrared)
  • Guide Light Wavelength: 470 nm (visible blue)
  • Duty Cycle: 100% (continuous mode)
  • Total Optical Output Power (continuous mode): 450 mW +/- 10% at 808 nm
  • Max Optical Output Power (per diode at continuous mode): 150 mW
  • Output: Continuous
    • 6 joules - 13 seconds
    • 8 joules - 18 seconds
    • 10 joules - 22 seconds
  • Laser Power Monitoring: Continuous with automatic shutdown if optical power is +/-10%
  • Max Beam Divergence: 17 x 8 degrees typical (15 x 6 degrees minimum)
  • Treatment Area At Skin Spot Size:
    • 0.026 cm2 for 3 laser spots
    • 0.00881 cm2 per single laser spot
  • NOHD (Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance):
    • 193 mm (typical)
    • 226 mm (maximum)
    • NOHD is calculated for the worst case condition. Normal operating conditions are 66mW per diode.
  • Battery: Rechargeable 3.6VDC Li-Ion, 1500mAh capacity
  • Battery Charger:
    • Type: Wall Mount
    • Input: 100 ~ 240VAC, 50/60 Hz, 0.7 A ~ .4 A
    • Ouput: 9VDC, 1.66 A max
    • Safety Approval: UL/ULC Listed


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